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Shupper-Brickle Equipment

Low Headroom Single Hook Hoist

Shupper-Brickle Equipment contacted the Electrolift team to help them find a solution to this lifting challenge.

The Challenge: Shupper-Brickle Equipment’s customer required a hoist to meet extensive safety standards including dual redundant hoist brakes. For most applications, a dual braking feature refers to the standard hoist motor brake plus a Weston type mechanical load brake.

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Illinois Electric

Clamshell Hoist

Illinois Electric Works contacted the Electrolift team to help them find a solution to this lifting challenge.

The Challenge: This application had a Shepard Niles hoist installed for many years that provided unreliable service because it was misapplied. The old hoist had a mechanical load brake that was failing at least once a year but the end-user couldn’t afford the cost of a new hoist.

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Furnace Charging Hoist

Furnace Charging Hoist

The Challenge: A customer came to us looking to replace their furnace charging hoist, which was subjected to both heat from a furnace and exposure to freezing temperatures outside. The customer had concerns about mechanical and electrical components being vulnerable to high heat, as the existing hoist saw an ambient temperature above the furnace of 150 degrees.

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Caldwell Beam Completes Automated Lifting System

Twin Hook Hoist

Illinois Electric Works oversaw the installation of a 2-ton capacity monorail crane system at a heavy truck manufacturer, featuring a 1-ton capacity twin-hook Caldwell lifting beam.

The Challenge:  The end-user sought a material handling solution for separating frame rails in preparation for its assembly line process.

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Hazardous Environment Hoist

The Challenge: RMH Systems contacted Electrolift in search of a unique custom solution needed to handle a very dangerous construction project. This solution required a hoist capable of handling high heat.

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The Challenge: A collaboration between Electrolift, Illinois Electric Works and Superior Crane ensured the best (and safest) possible hoist and crane solution.

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