Electrolift offers custom engineered solutions for all manufacturing applications where quality and reliability are critical to success. Collaboration between ElectroliftIllinois Electric Works and Superior Crane ensured the best (and safest) possible hoist and crane solution.

The Challenge: Initial conversation about the application between Illinois Electric Works and their end user had everyone discussing a 4-ton TR-SG-DM crane with two 2-ton hoists on a 25’ span. Nothing fancy, just an ordinary “stick crane” for a warehouse.

The conversations about this ordinary warehouse application were standard stuff until a magic word was said – “carbon black”. Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products and is used in a variety of ways including reinforcing rubber and plastics.

Things were about to get interesting.

The presence of carbon black in any manufacturing location automatically makes it classified as a ‘hazardous location” requiring specific safety standards to be met.

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The Solution: This is where Electrolift EXPLOSION PROOF Hoists for Hazardous Environments get to be the hero. Electrolift explosion-proof hoists are appropriate for hazardous areas as defined by NEC Section 500, including: Class I Division 1 & 2, Groups C & D and Class II Division 1 & 2, Groups F & G.

“As the project progressed we learned more about the specific details of the application,” said Mike Bongner of Illinois Electric Works. He found the customer had ordered some trailers that were specifically designed to match the hoppers carrying the carbon black. “Our goal was to arrange the two hoists so that they would provide the best possible way to sequence the loading of the material into the trailers. This required a complete redesign of the initial crane and the lifting beam (below the hook).”

“Our team collaborated with the manufacturer of the hopper, who in turn worked with the trailer manufacturer, holding conference calls to discuss designs before presenting the end-user with a complete package.

We honed in on our designs to make sure that everything matched up as perfectly as possible.”

After the successful installation, Illinois Electric Works worked with the operators to document and create a standard operating procedure for this unique application. The customer is very pleased with the result and intends to add a second identical crane in the near future. Together with Illinois Electric Works and Superior CraneElectrolift tackled this anything but ordinary application.

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