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Our team’s ability to identify problems and develop innovative solutions elevated this customer’s supply chain process.

The Challenge: A customer came to us looking to replace their furnace charging hoist, which was subjected to both heat from a furnace and exposure to freezing temperatures outside. The customer had concerns about mechanical and electrical components being vulnerable to high heat, as the existing hoist saw an ambient temperature above the furnace of 150 degrees.

Furnace Charging Hoist

The Solution: To combat heat exposure, our engineering team implemented a series of custom features addressing the customer’s needs and concerns. We were able to supply a hoist that moved the entire driveline and electrical components away from the open furnace. Only the hook block and directional sheave were exposed to the direct heat.

Additionally, we were able to simplify and reduce the overall system length by providing a motorized drive trolley instead of idler trolleys with a tractor and tow bar, which their old hoist operated with. This drive trolley was mounted to keep it far away from the open furnace. Because the customer was also concerned about using roller bearings, we replaced our standard sheave and hook block ball bearings with bronze bushings that could easily be inspected, lubricated, and maintained.

An encoder was also provided to communicate with the customer’s control package. It was imperative this device was distanced from the open furnace as well.

Furnace Charging Hoist CAD

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