1. Load Blocks

  • Assembly consists of a frame (yoke), sheaves, bearings, swivel, and hook assembly
  • All structural components designed with a minimum 5:1 safety factor
  • Heavy-duty steel sheaves with heavy-duty bearings available
  • Optional end connections: eye hook, clevis hook, or a special assembly to connect to a lifting device.
  • Click here for our Hook block identification guide

2. Wire Rope

  • Wound from high strength metal strands designed for long life and low wear
  • Available designs: steel, stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and rotation resistant
  • Minimum of 5:1 safety factor of all wire ropes
  • Electrolift chooses the type of wire rope for each hoist based on specific application

3. Wire Rope Drum

  • Spools and unspools wire rope on helical groove to lift or lower load blocks
  • Helical grooves on drum prevent the wire rope from overwrapping
  • At least 2 dead wraps remain on the drum when the rope is unwound during normal operation
  • Drum/rope diameter is optimized to reduce rope flex, reducing wear and extending rope life
  • Special features available:
    • Deep grooving
    • Rope guide
    • Quick disconnect wire rope dead-ending

4. Drum Shaft

  • Transmits torque from the gear reducer to wire rope drum
  • Fabricated from high strength, cold-rolled steel
  • Designed for infinite life
  • High overload capacity

5. Motor

  • Standard motor is 3 phase, Nema class D, 30-minute duty, class H
  • Voltages available: 230/460V standard, 208V, 575V
  • Electrolift offers optional 60-minute, continuous duty, and inverter duty motors for heavy-duty service
  • Standard motors contain thermal switches to protect from overloading the motor

6. Motor Brake

  • Spring applied, electrically released operation
  • Easily maintained and adjusted
  • Replacement brake pads and coils stocked and readily available at Electrolift
  • Type of brakes offered:
    • Electrolift standard brake – cost-effective, suitable heavy-duty lifting applications
    • Solenoid type brake – self-adjusting, requiring very little maintenance
    • Oil Shear type brake – recommended for the most demanding applications
    • Most durable and practically maintenance-free
    • Click here for our brake identification guide

7. Gear Reducer

  • Reduces rotational speed and amplifies torque of motor
  • Design life minimum of 15 years
  • Capable of seeing a minimum 3X overload
  • Low maintenance, infrequent oil changes and inspections
  • Simple, straight forward design allows dependable operation and extended equipment life
  • Click here for our gearbox identification guide

To learn more about the worm gear design, click here: The Worm Gear Advantage


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