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Hook Assemblies
  • Capacities up to 22,000 lbs (11 Tons)
  • Designed with a 5:1 factor of safety
  • All assemblies use Crosby hooks
  • Each assembly includes the hook, latch, nut and cotter pin
  • Matching thrust bearing is available upon request

All standard hook assemblies are on the shelf and ready for same day shipment.

It's easy to integrate Electrolift's hook assemblies into your system design. Download this file to have access to full size layouts of the hook assemblies listed below in a single AutoCad 2000 file.

CAD info  CAD info

Carbon Hooks

Capacity Electrolift P/N Dimensional Drawing DWG File Solidworks File
750 lbs P-531-P5 View Download Download
1000 lbs P-531-P6 View Download Download
3000 lbs P-531-P8 View Download Download
6000 lbs P-531-P7* View Download Download
10,000 lbs P-531-P9 View Download Download
15,000 lbs P-531-P12* View Download Download
20,000 lbs P-531-P11 View Download Download
* Made from Crosby Alloy hook
Note for Solidwork Files:
HOOK GEOMETRY is approximate and LATCHES are shown for
illustrastion purposes only,
See DWG Files for more information.

Bullard Hooks

Capacity Electrolift P/N Dimensional Drawing DWG File
750 lbs P-531-P1 View Download
1000 lbs P-531-P2 View Download
3000 lbs P-531-P3 View Download
6000 lbs P-531-P4 View Download

Special hook assemblies are availabe upon request; click here: K-10984 Blank Template