‘Big Bag’ Lifting Hoist

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  • True vertical lift
  • 4 point pick sub-frame for “Big Bags”

'Big Bag' Lifting Hoist

This hoist is being used in a bulk material handling application. Any type of bulk bag filling requires stability and accuracy to reduce dust and keep the process continuous. This particular operation required that the bags enter into a filling area, then trolley over to an area where the bag is closed up. The application required true vertical lift but also required that a frame hold the bag open during the filling process. The difficult aspect of this operation was that this frame was only 2’x3′. The solution Electrolift proposed was to use a single drum hoist with 4 cables paying off this one drum. Each cable was routed over a sheave on the frame and dead-ended on the hoist frame. Each of these dead endings was adjustable to ensure the bag could be leveled as required. Because this was a continuous process, downtime had to be kept at a minimum. Each cable used an external dead-ending on the drum to facilitate changing the wire rope.

Electrolift successfully provided a heavy-duty hoist with easy maintenance and a design that facilitates the replacement of wear parts to be used in this customer’s application.

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