Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists

Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists
Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists 2
Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists 3
Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists 4
Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoists 5
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  • Used for fixed placement applications
  • Used with remote hook blocks and sheaves when the hoist can not be located directly above the load.
  • Capacities available up to 20,000 lbs.
  • See catalog for available lift speeds
  • Hook centers available from 20″ to 25 ft. For larger hook centers, please consult factory
  • Versatile mounting configurations
  • Can be easily modified to have a channel frame
  • True vertical lift available
  • Various reeving configurations and lifts are available.
  • For higher capacity hoists that require 4 part single reeving, Electrolift can provide a frame to make it easier to mount the upper sheave assembly.
  • The wire rope has the ability to unwind from the drum in a variety of directions.

Floor Mounted Twin Hook Hoist used in a ‘4 Point Pick’ Application

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AutoCAD Drawing Information
  • All drawings are AutoCAD 2000 format (*.dwg)
  • The three (3) hoist views are each defined as individual blocks and are on the ‘HOIST-Drawing #’ layer. (ex. HOIST-A100)
  • The ‘DIMENSIONS’ and ‘BORDER’ layers are locked.
  • The drawing file can be inserted directly into an existing layout by copying and pasting the hoist views. All objects are drawn at full size (1:1)

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Solidworks Model Information
  • All files are Solidworks 2012 format (*.sldprt)
  • Models are not mass corrected
  • For any other formats, please contact Electrolift

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