Scoreboard Hoist

Electrolift has provided scoreboard hoists to hundreds of arenas worldwide for over 30 years. This expertise makes us the leader in the industry and continues to compliment our standard production of worm driven, wire rope hoists. Electrolift has designed and manufactured hoists tailored to our customers needs for over 65 years. Our specialty is scoreboard hoists.

All new Electrolift scoreboard hoists feature the "LOCK-SAFE" System. Sensors constantly monitor hoist functions independent of operator input. Deviations from defined parameters shut down all movement and "lock-up" the system. Electrolift scoreboard hoists are simply the most efficient, effective, and safest available.

Benefits of Electrolift Scoreboard Hoists

  • Custom designs for your facility.
  • An automatic backup locking device is the safest system available.
  • Enjoy low maintenance with the "Electrolift Simplified Design".
  • Electrolift scoreboard hoists are often lower in cost than other systems due to efficient design and years of industry experience.


Lock- Safe
  • Construction Factor of Safety: 5:1 Minimum
  • Wire Rope Safety Factor: 8:1
  • Drums: Minimum of Two Safety Wraps
  • Redundant Overtravel Limit Switches.
  • Hoist Motor Overload Protection
  • Primary Brake Wear Indicator Lights
  • Whenever Hoist System Is In Operation, Warning Horn Sounds
  • "Lock-Safe" Safety System


  • Normal Operations:
    Brakes: Two auxiliary brakes engage the drum shaft when the hoist is at rest Brakes experience negligible wear; engagement occurs at rest.

  • Control System:
    Control System

    The Safety System activates if one or both of the
    following system errors occurs:

    OVERTILT: The scoreboard tilts greater than six degrees.
    OVERSPEED: The scoreboard descends 15% above the
    maximum downward speed of the hoist.

    The System reacts in the following manner:
    Auxiliary drum shaft brakes engage.
    Hoists shut down.
    Audible alarm sounds.
    Indicator lights denote either an overtilt and/or overspeed condition.

  • Diagnostic Procedure:
    Diagnostic Procedure

    Step by step procedures identify a mechanical failure or if a
    control system error has occurred.

    The "Lock-Safe" safety control system cannot be disabled
    during diagnostic procedures.